Our Story Starts in Italy

In 2004, co-founders Davey Parker and Cheryl Coleman visited Venice, Italy, where they first tasted chili oil.  Although the best friends had limited time in Italy and didn’t get to visit Naples, the birthplace of pizza (which we all know is the best food EVER!), the chili oil made an impact on them, as they are both "chili-heads!”



Fast-forward 3 years, and Davey's living in Costa Rica.  Of course, he's still eating pizza 3 to 4 times per week, but now he was eating his pizza the same way he did in Venice – with chili oil!  That’s because the Italian restaurants in Costa Rica serve chili oil with pizza -- as a condiment! 

So, after 11 years of living in Costa Rica and consuming more than 5,000 slices of pizza, the light finally went on and Davey asked himself the question: Why don't the U.S. pizza and Italian restaurants serve chili oil?

 Well, of course, there was no reasonable answer -- because Davey believed that chili oil was the absolute best "heat" flavor for pizza and all Italian food.

"Sriracha is great for for sushi and Asian food, but not for Italian food," Davey said.  "And, it is just wrong to put a vinegar-based, Mexican-style hot sauce on pizza or any Italian food." 

So, in September 2015, Naples Drizzle was born.

"Nothing pairs better with Italian food than Naples Drizzle," Davey said.  "We are 'The Italian Hot Sauce,' the perfect condiment that adds just the right heat -- with no vinegar or sugar flavor.  

"Don't change the flavor of your food with those other 'hot sauces,'" Davey says,  "... enhance it with Naples Drizzle: the first, the original, and the true Italian Hot Sauce!"